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Read below to hear what our clients have to say after working with Home Sweet Organized. We would love to help get you organized give us a call today!

Home Sweet Organized Lafayette Louisiana

Amazing experience from start to finish! Erica and her crew did such a good job in my kids playroom. She coordinated the purchased items just by vidoes and phone calls and came very well prepared! My children are so excited to have an organized playroom with everything labeled and in separate baskets! Would highly recommend!!! Can you organize my whole house?!!

Home Sweet Organized and team transformed my office from a place I avoided to a place I love to spend time in now. They guided me ever so gently to let go of much needed paper clutter and create a home for everything that Ineed to work from home in my career as a pharmacist, Life & style coach and busy wife and mom of 3 trying to stay on top of all my priorities in one confined space. I can not recommend then enough!

Catherine F.

Danielle P.

I have a new pantry! Efficient, organized, functional. The team was professional, friendly and focused on achieving my directives. They came equipped with everything I needed. I keep looking in to make sure it’s mine. Bliss!

Erica and her wonderful team are incredible organizers. They transformed my entire kitchen and laundry room into functional spaces that are also pleasing to the eye. I didn’t realize how life changing decluttering and organizing could be.I highly recommend Home Sweet Organized and I can’t wait to use them again.


Marcelle T.

Lisa M.

Erica and her team helped this overwhelmed mom organize her girls’ closet!! Starting off the New Year right by checking off some of my goals for 2023, thanks to them :)!! And on top of that, they were wonderful to work with - sweet, professional, and of course, very organized!!

I will definitely be using them for my future home organizational needs!

Lizzie B.

Love love love the finished look! Erica and her team are beyond organized and know how to keep efficiency in mind! Home organization is life changing!! They are creative and innovative and super awesome and fun to be around! Would highly recommend for any organization project!!

Charise F.

Erica and her team are wonderful!

She helped with our move into a new home and did everything from packing, unpacking, and organizing. Her and her team are very prompt and professional. A month into living in our home it is still very easy to stay organized because of her and her teams hard work. I would highly recommend her to friends and family!

Erica and her team are amazing!!!
I just had surgery and I can not move around like I would like. I contacted Erica for some help with my closet and my daughters and she showed up the day after CHRISTMAS to help ME!!!!!
This is worth every penny!!!
I am so grateful for people like this who are so talented and share their gifts and with others!!
Thank you!!!
Thank you!!!

Can NOT wait for you to come

Laura F.

Mia T.

She and her team helped us pack, move, and unpack locally. Moved complicated by us living in boxes for 2 years moving around for work.

She does the Buying the supplies we needed for organization at our next location. She is extremely talented and takes control of the situation. She communicates well, trustworthy, type A, and made our lives much better. We will be having her back every year and will be giving our full recommendation to my family and friends.

Blake S

My life is now together!! Erica and Wendi completely transformed my pantry, kitchen, and living room into a useful and efficient space!

Megan S.

Motivating! I feel like I just lost 100 lbs of weight that I have been carrying around since having kids. Erica and her team are wonderful and got me out of my home funk and loving my space again.

Erica Doyle and the entire Home Sweet Organized team are top notch. Erica has the innate talent to create a vision for any space while executing flawlessly. She has the process down to a science, can help you think through any objection and tackle a solution that you would never think of on your own. In addition, her product aesthetic and systemic approach truly works. Everything she has done has been a game changer in my life. I first called her to help with a few closets and we soon thereafter recreated every space in my house. Erica is attentive, responsible and truly cares about her customers. The service and product are worth the investment, you can’t afford not to call her!

Emilie T

Maren R.

We built a home and moved in 5 months ago. I was supposed to have Home Sweet Organized come then but life got in the way and then I thought I could do this on my own. Flash forward to September 2022, and here I am losing my mind because I’m still not “settled” into my new home. The ladies with Home Sweet Organized came in and whipped my closet into shape in no time at all! They made the process so easy and quick! I was amazed at how great an organized closet would make me feel. It was such a fun morning watching them work and clean out and organize my closet. I cannot wait for them to come back and do other areas in my home! I can’t say enough great things about them. Highly recommend Home Sweet Organized!!!"

Roxie L.

Erica and her team are phenomenal! I contacted Erica about organizing my nursery. Within hours she contacted me asking for some photos/video of the room and what I had in mind in regards to how I pictured the final look. She did all the work in finding the container/baskets. She communicated with me throughout the process, showing me everything she would find. On the day she came out, the rest of her team came too. They were all extremely nice and ready to work. Within hours they had the nursery set. I was so pleased with the work I asked them to come back and do my kitchen. These women are reasonably priced and make it look easy. Highly recommend!!

Ashley B.

Hands down, the best of the best! Erica’s eye for organizing is without compare. You’ll be amazed with her ability to transform your space. From small pantries to large garages and multiple rooms; she does it all with utmost perfection!

Erica and her team are awesome! Very helpful and professional. I love how a space can look completely transformed and new, not to mention way more efficient!!! I also love how they leave room to grow while organizing the space!!!! Great job!!!



Erica and her staff were so efficient and completed what I was looking for. If your looking for someone to guide you on how to organize or just need help with going through and purging your stuff she’s the one to call! **Highly recommend**

Amazing experience. Worth every penny. My quality of life he improved tremendously. No more clutter!




These ladies were amazing! The attention to detail and the ingenuity to find solutions for my 2 room project exceed my expectations. They did my embroidery/sewing studio and my home office. They came in way under budget and were finished quickly. Everything has a home now and we have room to grow. Love that everything is easy to get to and LABLED!!! I can't wait to get them back to help in other areas of my home.


I am beyond thrilled with my pantry make over. I want to put a lock on the door so my family can’t mess it up. I may just put a chair in there and stare at it all evening. Erica, Nicole, and Morgan are the best. They came in ready to work and like little elves they made my pantry a dream. I can’t wait for them to tackle my closet. Highly recommend!!!


Is it weird that I just want to sit in my closet and stare. I’m still in awe. Y’all are amazing 🤩 THANK YOU!!


Erica and her team were truly amazing! They were so quick and efficient through the entire process and made this experience so easy for me. I’ve already scheduled additional areas of my house and cannot wait to work with them again. Hands down one of the best decisions this busy mom has made in a long time!


 Erica and her team are absolutely outstanding! I wish I can give this a million stars! I was so excited whenever I found out about all that they offered. My parents home needed a good little organizing here and there. So they started off with both of their closets. It is extremely amazing what was done in a short amount of time with all of the work that needed to be put in. My mom was so excited that she nearly wanted to cry with tears of joy. It is amazing to see that they can actually walk around in the space with everything labeled, without having to question or wonder where her items would be....


... Along with my dad‘s closet, everything is labeled as far as his golf equipment and workout clothes all of that. They will most definitely be hiring Erica and her team again for the other spaces of the house to be done.
And I will be getting them to help out in my business once we are fully moved into our new location- I do believe that they are the perfect fit for anything, clearing/cleaning,& organizing wise!

Super sweet peeps to add on to that, as well!


These girls were amazing! Very professional and trustworthy! Will definitely have them back in the future!

Home Sweet Organized helped me organize my apartment after moving in a rush. Erica asked about my daily routines so she could customize where my items were placed. She brought matching hangers and products for a prefect look! Her attention to detail and fun attitude made the hours seem like minutes. I definitely will be using Home Sweet Organized again!



Erica and her team are AMAZING! She asks lots of questions to tailor her organization to your needs! MUST HAVE for those with kids and needing to simplify their space. So thankful for Home Sweet Organized!


Erica and her team are awesome! They came in and made our lives so much easier. Our kitchen and utility room are so much easier to use now. It’s truly amazing! Thank you!


These women did an amazing job!! I can not fully express how much Erica and her team have helped my family and our home. They were so efficient and worked quickly. The toys and clothes had taken over our house, and we were still unpacking boxes from moving in 8 months before. It was a mess and extremely overwhelming. These women came here for a total of 9 hours and put together our playroom, game/craft closet, and tackled a closet shared between 3 kids. Everything has a place, the products they used are great quality, the look is cohesive, and the systems they set up are easy to maintain. It feels like a giant weight has been lifted from our shoulders. Amazing!!! HIRE THEM!!!


Erica and her team save life! Highly recommend you use their services! Not to mention they’re wonderful humans!


So easy to work with! Very sweet and professional ladies. They organized the store and storage unit for the company I work for. Amazing job. Very detailed work!!

I had the most AMAZING experience with Home Sweet Organized. Erica, Nicole, and Morgan were a power house team that came in and eased all of my anxieties. I’m a mom of 5 girls and from the second they toured, they put me at ease. They were friendly and professional. They offered real life solutions on a workable budget and without any judgement. They took rooms I used to cry over and made them functional for daily life. And the solutions they offered were easy enough for even my youngest to keep up with. I was blown away with how fast they worked, the quality of materials they used, and the care and devotion they put into every job. I had interviewed others and am so glad I ended up with this team. They really can’t be beat! I highly recommend using them for ANY project.



Erica and her team totally transformed my space and life! I really don’t know how I functioned without them. My daily routine is a breeze now that I have a place for everything and I always know where I can find things in my closet and pantry/kitchen!!! Thank you Home Sweet Organized you are a life saver!


Erica and her team were friendly and got right to work. I was amazed at how much we accomplished in just over 3 hours! Their services were definitely worth every penny to feel like I have order back in my home. I can’t wait to do more. Thank you!


Erica and her team did an amazing job organizing my entire home! Everything looks wonderful in its place and they were so nice to work with! Will definitely recommend them to everyone I know!


Just moved into a new place and organizing my boys room was the last thing I wanted to do on my day off. Erica and her team knocked it out quick and it looks amazing. My boys now have a functioning closet and I no longer have that overwhelming task on my todo list. Worth it


Erica and team do a remarkable job. They work quick and efficient and so pleasant. I highly recommend Home Sweet Organized


One of the best things that I have done this year was to get my kitchen pantry organized by Home Sweet Organized. Erica Doyle and her assistants Nicole and Morgan were so professional and did a fantastic job! I love my pantry now!



Erica is wonderful!! Works fast with great organizing skills! She has a great team as well!

I couldn’t be happier to finally have an organized pantry! Thank you so much for your talents!



Erica and her team are absolutely AMAZING! Erica organized our home after we moved with an infant and a 2 year old. Her expertise shined in every project! She truly has a gift! She works very efficiently and is extremely professional. I highly recommend Erica for any organizing needs!

Erica was so efficient in organizing my kitchen cabinets! This stood out to me because her pricing was very reasonable for the huge amount of work done.
I am so happy with the result!
I will definitely use them again soon for other projects in the house -



Erica was amazing! We recently moved into our home, and threw everything into the pantry. Erica unpacked, organized and transformed our pantry into a dream. We could not be happier with the way it turned out, and have received so many compliments already! Thank you again Erica!


Amazing service!! I would highly recommend using Home Sweet Organized!


Moving into a new home I knew I wanted my pantry organized and everything to have a place from the get go. I called on Home Sweet Organized to make that happen. Erica and Nicole showed up on job day, all smiles, ready and excited to work. You can definitely tell they love what they do. These ladies took my food items from cardboard boxes to a dream pantry. Their time was used efficiently and they worked so well together. Every item has a place, label and picking up groceries now for myself and my kids is a breeze! These ladies are rockstars and they’re amazing at what they do! My fridge is up next and I can not wait to have them over again!

Home Sweet Organized is amazing.!! They did a fantastic job on my pantry and kitchen. Everything is so easy to find now. Their systems they implemented throughout the pantry has helped with my grocery shopping and meal planning. I would recommend them again and again!! We are also looking forward to having them return for their monthly maintenance plan. Great job girls!!!



Erica was an absolute pleasure to work with. She made the dreadful process of moving and organizing a new home effortless. She was so accommodating by working with my move schedule, driving in from out of town, and doing all the shopping/providing of bins and containers based just off the measurements I sent her, making best use of our time. Her energy is uplifting and energetic, yet calm and I could leave for a few hours and come back to completed tasks. She had ideas for organizing every area of my life. She also made sure to leave room for growth and change, knowing no stage of life is permanent. I cannot recommend Erica enough and I will have her back time and time again as my life changes and grows!!! This expertise is a priceless investment. Thank me later!

Love the transformation of my pantry so much I want them to come back and organize my kitchen!



When my husband and I decided to list our house for sale, I immediately panicked about wanting our home to look the best it could be for a potential buyer. As I navigated through years worth of items in several closets, I quickly got overwhelmed! I knew I needed help and reached out to Home Sweet Organized.
The response was immediate and they were available right away to start. When Erica arrived early Saturday morning, she was ready to work and efficiently untangled my mess! I was honestly shocked how pretty and organized my once cluttered closets could look! ! The items I didn’t purge found their new temporary home neatly stacked and folded...

 ...My worries of buyers opening closets completely faded and I was now proud to show off my house!

Never once did she judge or make me feel ashamed of my clutter, (because I definitely was before she came) instead she was so helpful and gave little tips along the way for future reference. You can tell organizing is an art for her, one that she truly loves to do! It was such a pleasure to work with her and I will definitely call the team at Home Sweet Organized to help me unpack my new house!



Erica unpacked my kitchen with a magic wand ✨ everything was in the spot it was designed for. No searching involved and stress free

Erica is simply just AMAZING!!! She completely organized our entire store and even the attic! She can do it all! Highly recommend!!



Her organizing skills makes your life much easier! My storage space and event venue started off as a disaster! She was able to organize and label everything so that I could work without the stress of looking for things are re-purchasing! I will definitely be working with her in the future With her maintenance plan!


I’m so pleased with my experience with Home Sweet Organized. Erica was so easy to work with and very fast!


Love working with Erica! She’s the absolute best when it comes to organizing!

Love Erica SO much! The sweetest person and the best organizer! She makes the space completely functional while still keeping a cute & fun minimalist look on the outside of things! Labels on everything so you’ll never go looking for any of your items, everything has a home! Xoxo HerringStone’s Shop Girls



I have been trying to get my home organized for quite some time but couldn't get to it the way I had hoped. Erica did a great job and worked efficiently. It was so nice to be able to have my baby on my hip, answer questions, and have Erica organize for me. Thanks so much Erica!


Erica seriously saved my house. With 3 kids and school being online only, my house was neglected big time and I felt overwhelmed. Streamlined planning, storage ideas I didn’t know existed by and two days of organizing allowed me to breathe again! Even the kids are excited! 😁


I have been trying to get my home organized for quite some time but couldn't get to it the way I had hoped. Erica did a great job and worked efficiently. It was so nice to be able to have my baby on my hip, answer questions, and have Erica organize for me. Thanks so much Erica!


Erica was professional and efficient. She organized my closet beautifully, it is now functional.


My home office and garage were both complete disasters. Erica turned this nightmare into a well organized, easy flowing space that made sense and will now actually function as designed. Honestly did not have the foresight she made into a reality before my eyes. Many many thanks!


Erica has truly simplified my life!! I love how I now feel like everything in my home has its own place and I’m not living in a chaotic mess!! You won’t regret using her for any organization needs!


Erica is AMAZING! She has taken my chaotic mess and turned it into seamlessly functional spaces! I can’t wait for her to do the rest of my house!


Best decision ever! Every family can benefit from Erica’s services. What we accomplished on our 1st day would have taken me months to do on my own. My hot mess of a mud room/office is now a highly functioning space! Can’t wait to work on the next area. Highly recommend Home Sweet Organized -


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