My 3 year old client 💕

Yes! My latest client is 3 and she is amazing. I’ve been working on her room and can not wait to show you before and after pics. We are waiting for a few more pieces to arrive to put the final touches before we share.

Back to this 3 year old. I have to admit I was a little nervous working with someone so young but this girl knew exactly what she wanted. She sat down and made decisions on what items to keep and what items to donate. We took out all of her Christmas gifts and together created spaces to organize her new and old toys. I was blown away on how fast she made decisions. By the end of the day she was playing and putting up her toys in the new spaces she helped create. Her mom has texted me 3 times already telling me how much she loved her new room. This project has been so much fun I love being able to create spaces that function for everyone even a 3 year old. If you need help or just some ideas of what to do give Home Sweet Organzied a call today.